Unarmed Security

Our unarmed services provides you with specially-trained security officers who are professionals in their craft and ready to take on the job, no matter what your security challenges might be. Our security professionals are able to meet and exceed your individual needs through one-on-one consultation and thought-filled insight on every aspect of the circumstances surrounding the protection and security of your assets.

Our security officers are able to fulfill your security needs in a manner that’s courteous and welcoming to patrons while maintaining the firm, unwavering presence necessary to ward away trouble or misconduct. This promotes a safe and friendly atmosphere for all that guarantees a sense of safety and hospitality towards visitors and administration alike.

Unarmed staff are subject matter experts in deploying a large array of tools catered towards providing you with security that’s customized to your individual needs, such as HD Body Cameras that are clearly and visibly in use in every interaction, and capable of capturing low-light interactions with night vision capability.

All of our staff are equipped with body armor, body cam, weapon if armed, taser, OC spray and / or baton. (Bodycam documentation ensures clear audio and video evidence, resulting in prosecutable evidence as well as quick insurance pay outs for losses.)

Being custom-tailored to your needs, we firmly believe that not one client will have the same security problems. Close evaluation of the circumstances surrounding your assets’ protection will bring understanding and peace of mind while our security staff are on-site.