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Security Patrol Services

Our security patrol services offer commercial and residential properties a solution to security challenges day and night with a staff of tentative, responsive and meticulous security professionals.

Roving vehicle patrols maintain the presence necessary to effectively ward security problems and challenges as they come up and before they can happen. Our vehicles are distinctive when it matters and stealthy when it counts. The safety of your property, residents and/or patrons is guaranteed with scheduled routes and patrols, as well a unscheduled patrols and presence to maintain unpredictability and the sure safety from security problems that could arise from a purely static presence.

Foot patrols done by our highly-trained security officers offers one-on-one professional interactions with residents, patrons and administration that gives peace of mind during their experience at the property. Distinctive and professionally-kept uniforms ensure that patrons are able to find us if sought out, and trespassers are kept at bay by the strong presence portrayed through our uniform alone.

Ready to respond to emergency situations and on the lookout for safety and security concerns such as fires, water or gas leaks, our security officers are highly aware and meticulous in their patrols and are trained to be able to identify these things in their daily observations and patrols.

Our vehicles are also equipped with first aid kits, jump box terminals (To assist with jumping a dead battery) tool kits, bottled water, spare bicycle chains and locks, etc..

With recorded daily activity reports and detailed incident reports, our officers are able to reflect upon past and present happenings to make note of noticable trends in security challenges and the circumstances that create or instigate them, while also highlighting actions or trends that bring peace to your property and assets.

Insightful and actionable information obtained through close scrutiny during roving and foot patrols can help us help you manage and pinpoint security and safety challenges, and stop would-be concerns before they can happen.