Armed Security

When considering Armed Security, we at PTI recognizes the importance of facilitating the most current training and technology to address the public saftey concerns of today. When you hire an armed security guard from POSSE Tactical, your safety as well as the safety of your patrons is our number one priority. Our security officers are highly trained and provide you with the protection you need while maintaining a courteous manner and professional demeanor.

How Our Armed Guard Services Can Help You

Your customers will feel more at ease when they see the presence of our Security Officers. Our demeanor lets you know that when we’re on the premises, your valuables and you patrons are safe from threats.

While armed security guards may not always be in plain sight, such as when they’re actively patrolling the commercial space, it’s good to know that at a moment’s notice someone is there to handle any threat.

Our armed security personnel can protect your staff and customers from potential risks, including arguments, individuals in unauthorized locations, and even property theft. Due to the high-level of knowledge and training, our armed staff has, they know how to act orderly and quickly in any situation that may arise.

In every situation, the armed officers from POSSE Tactical International act in a manner that’s both professional and cordial, which makes them an invaluable presence for your property. Our armed security guard services are available to serve you whatever your industry may be.